Applicant Testing

Written Exams

  • We offer position-specific aptitude tests for each of the following areas: law enforcement, fire service, corrections, and telecommunications.
  • Transferability studies are completed for each department to ensure that the test is a valid measure of essential knowledge, skills, and abilities.
  • TPS’s written exams are designed to identify applicants who can successfully learn the technical aspects that are necessary in public safety positions.  When you make the investment to hire applicants, you want to be confident that they will be able to pass the academy’s training requirements.
  • Test administration is included for departments that are within driving distance of Indianapolis, Indiana.
  • TPS offers group tutoring sessions to help applicants in preparing for the exam – This is an optional service that departments may choose. This tutoring is intended to provide the opportunity for all applicants to perform their best.
  • Our testing is designed to be fair and non-biased, with the objective of a diverse, well-rounded pool of applicants to be hired.

Structured Interviews

  • Questions are validated and can be customized for your department.
  • Interviewers participate in training prior to conducting interviews.
  • Interview procedures are structured and consistent for all candidates.
  • Confidentiality of materials is a priority.
  • Interviews can be conducted by members of your department, qualified outside raters, or a combination.

Scoring and Results

  • Upon test completion, scores will be provided within seven business days.
  • Structured behaviorally anchored rating scales ensure objective and fair scoring.
  • Statistical analyses of scores are provided to demonstrate rater consistency and reliability. A test instrument cannot be valid if it is not a statistically reliable measure.
  • Accreditation documentation available upon request

Entry-Level Positions We Test

Fire & Emergency Services




Law Enforcement Services

Police Officer

Corrections Officer

Sheriff’s Deputy

Other Public Safety Services

Telecommunicator/ Dispatcher

9-1-1 Control Operator